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Cohabitation Agreements

A Practical Legal Guide

Protect your relationship - and your assets

Cohabitation can give rise to legal rights. You can avoid significant legal risk and potential conflict by using a cohabitation agreement. A cohabitation agreement sets out what will happen to your property (both joint and separate) if your relationship ends. Cohabitation agreements are not just about protecting property - they can help protect your relationship, by providing you and your partner with a higher level of certainty.

Without an agreement, the Court will rely on legal principles to determine an equitable division of the assets acquired during the relationship. A cohabitation agreement may also contemplate support. You and your common law partner may also be thinking about marriage. In some cases a cohabitation agreement can also be a prenuptial agreement.

Our family lawyers have extensive experience drafting and negotiating cohabitation agreements for couples in a wide range of scenarios, including:

  • high net-worth individuals
  • where there are children or a supported spouse from a prior relationship
  • business owners / self-employed
  • shareholder protection
  • late in life relationships

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